A downloadable game for Windows

For this game I used my own assets library. That allows me to implement a whole character that can walk and work much faster.

Enyoj earning money ;)


HowToMakeMoney.zip 41 MB


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Hi! I don't get how to interact with the plants or the door (if there's anything to do?), could you please explain a bit more? Congrats for using Blender Player!

Hi, Well all interactions are done by pressing the left mouse button. You can harvest the plants when they are fully grown up. If you have some plants in the inventory you can sell them in the store.

Hi again. I yust noticed that there is an error with the plants. And unfortunately I overwritten my main file :( so I can't fix it.

I'm sorry


Well I'm more sorry for you, but the most important is that you enjoyed doing it and learned something in the process :)